Telares Taxco

My family started this job because of my father-in-law who was from Oaxaca. He had 6 kids, all of them were trained by my father-in-law in the art of the loom.  He used to tell us about living in Oaxaca and learning the art of the loom. He decided to come to Taxco because a foreigner came to visit him and invited him to come to Taxco to start a business with the loom.  Don Coco, rest in peace, came to Taxco with his father and two brothers.  Don Coco met his wife but her father was against their relationship, which led them to find a place on the outskirts of Taxco far away from their immediate families.  They started our business in Acamixtla Taxco.  Since then it has been a blessing for my family to keep their legacy working in this beautiful art.

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